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Regents Gift Transmittal Form

Fill in and submit this form online. All required fields are in bold. For help, click here or call Gift Services, x43395.

Please read carefully as the transmittal instructions have changed.

Send a complete set of the gift paperwork as outlined below to Gift Services, 10889 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1500, Campus 160348. Checks can be deposited by the Main Cashier or at the Wilshire Glendon by Gift Services. Gift Packages should include the following, In this order:

  • Regental gift transmittal (the email copy will not be accepted)
  • Check (or copy of the check if already deposited)
  • Online deposit slip (Department Deposit Financial Detail C10 screen)
  • Donor letter (original donor correspondence)
  • Matching gift form (send original form to Gift Services)
  • Any other related documents, e.g., deed of gift, 8283 IRS Form, appraisal, original matching gift form
  • Departmental Acknowledgement
  • 700-U form (Principal Investigator's Statement of Economic Interests) for research gifts, where applicable
  • Note: Do NOT type credit card number(s) on this form. If a donor requested their credit card be charged, please handwrite the credit card information in the comments field below

Sending a complete set of the gift paperwork will ensure timely and accurate processing. Be sure to keep a complete set for your department files. You will receive an email copy of this transmittal.

Your email address :

Donor Information

Donor Name (Last, First) :        Anonymous
Donor ID :
Spouse Name (Last, First) :
Receipt Mailing Address :

Associated Donor Name (Last, First) : Please send address information with paperwork
Associated Donor ID :

Fund Information

New Gift/Pledge Pledge Payment
Gift in Kind Skip to Purpose Information
(IRS Form 8283 and Information)

Deposit Gift to:

Establish a New Fund:
Use Existing Fund (Account/CC/Fund):

Please Select One :

Deduct 6.5% Fee
Deduct 6.5% from fund : 

Click herefor additional information on the 6.5% fee.

Purpose Information

Gift in Memory of :
Please send address information with paperwork
Gift in Honor of :
Please send address information with paperwork
Gift Purpose/Use :      Research
Department :
Department Code :
Verbal Instructions :
(donor instructions on  
gift purpose/use)  

Fund Director :
Prepared By :
Campus Address :
Extension :
Additional Comments :

Report Requirements:
(please check when the gift agreement includes criteria for providing reports to the donor regarding a gift’s impact)

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