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Donor & Associated Donor Definitions An Associated Donor is NOT the legally defined donor, but is an individual or entity who should receive recognition by UCLA for a gift.

Donation check from Jane Smith Foundation. The Jane Smith Foundation is the donor while Jane Smith is the Associated Donor.

Donation check from XYZ corporation for employee John Doe's membership in the Bruin Gold Club. XYZ Corporation is the donor while John Doe is the Associated Donor.

IRS 8283 Form Information

Policy Administration requires a copy of an appraisal for gifts-in-kind valued over $5,000.00. In addition, the IRS requires donors of such gifts to complete Form 8283 which must be signed by Gift Policy Administration (GPA). Forward the appraisal copy and Form 8283 to GPA with the original deed of gift and Regents Gift Transmittal.

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Fee Information

All gifts, excluding gifts-in-kind, are subject to the 5% Development Cost Recovery Fee. You have three options for payment of the 5% fee:

700-U Information

California state law requires the completion of a Principal Investigator's Statement of Economic Interests Form (700-U) for each research gift of $280 or more from a business or foundation. The researcher must complete the 700-U. Gifts subject to the 700-U form will not be accepted until an original 700-U is submitted to Gift Policy Administration.

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