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Gift Services Primary Contacts
 Gift Services (Gifts, Biographic
   Data and Fund Management)
    Amanda Keene, x4-3940

 Compliance, and
   Support Group Administrator
    Minolie Jayamaha, x4-0324

 Real Estate gifts/Gifts-In-Kind.
    Karen Cornwell, x4-3438

 Gift Agreements/Chairs/Namings
    Bill Kinsella, x4-3390

 Gifts of Securities/Wire Transfers
    Tsegie Negus, x4-3429

 Matching Gifts
    Rosie Garcia, x4-3393

 Real Estate Gifts/Planned Gifts
    Karen Cornwell, x4-3438

Gift Transmittal Forms

Regents Gift Transmittal Form

Foundation Transmittal
Foundation GIK Transmittal

Gift Services
10889 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1000
Campus 160348
Phone: (310) 794-3359 or (310) 794-3395
FAX: (310) 794-3421

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