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Gift Services Primary Contacts
 Gift & Data Processing
    Amanda Keene, x4-3940

 Compliance, and
   Support Group Administrator
    Minolie Jayamaha, x4-0324

 Fund Management
    Stephanie Bradford, x4-3389

 Real Estate gifts/Gifts-In-Kind.
    Karen Cornwell, x4-3438

 Gift Agreements/Chairs/Namings
    Bill Kinsella, x4-3390

 Gifts of Securities/Wire Transfers
    Tsegie Negus, x4-3429

 Matching Gifts
    Rosie Garcia, x4-3393

 Real Estate Gifts/Planned Gifts
    Karen Cornwell, x4-3438

Gift Services Information

 Recognition Credit Guidelines

 Pledges Reduction Policy
    Pledge Adjustment Request & Status Update Form

 Pledge Reminder Window - Training Manual

 Consolidated Gift Fund Access Request Form

 Credit Card Submission Page (Foundation Gifts)
    Credit Card Submission Page Instructions

 Regents Gift Transmittal Form

 How to Deposit Regental Checks

 UCLA Foundation Transmittals
    Checks & Cash
    Credit Cards

 Regents Tax Exemption Status

 UCLA Foundation Tax Exemption Status

 Gift Fee Exemption List

 Mass Solicitation Policy
   Mass Solicitation Policy Exception Form

 Definition of Terms: Gift/Membership Process

 Gift Training Manual

Corporate/Foundation Research Gifts

 700-U: Principal Investigator's Statement of Economic Interests
 700-U: Form Instructions (Click here for 700-U Guidelines)

Treasury Management Gifts of Securities/Wire Transfers and NG forms

 Guidelines for Valuation: Gifts of Securities
 Instructions for Transferring Gifts of Securities
 Securities (non-endowment) Sample Gift Letter
 Cash Wire Instruction Form (Regents)
 Cash Wire Instructions (Foundation)
 Security/Stock Gift Instruction Form (Foundation) 
 Security/Stock Gift Instruction Form (Regents)
 Irrevocable Stock or Bond Power
 Procedures for Stock Transfer
 Non-Gift Transmittal form
 Non-Gift Guidelines

Gifts in Kind

 Procedures for Accepting Gifts in Kind & Gifts of
   Tangible Personal Property
 Deed of Gift Form, UC Regents
 Deed of Gift Form, UCLA Foundation
 Donation Form - UC Regents
 IRS Form 8283

Fund Management

 New Designation Request Form
 Return of Payout to Principal
 UCLA Foundation Fund Signator Authorization Form

Gift Agreement Templates

Advancement Services - Gift & Data Processing
900 Wilshire, 160348
Phone: (310) 794-3359 or (310) 794-3395
FAX: (310) 794-3421

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