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AS - ITS - Application Development Services

The Advance Application Development group is responsible for the development and maintenance of the vendor based (Sungard BSR) ADVANCE fundraising application as well as other supporting sub-systems. ADVANCE is the database of record for alumni, donors and friends of UCLA. The team also supports the reporting and information gathering from the ADVANCE database.

The Custom Applications group provides EA-wide analytical and programming support for websites, desktop applications, and other systems, with a goal of providing general solutions that minimize the future requirement for programming support and facilitate customer self-service wherever possible.

(For assistance or questions regarding the Advance system,
  please call the EA HelpDesk at x43400.)

Shekar Akiti Sr. Programmer/Analyst x46242
Ravi Cheemangunta Sr. Programmer/Analyst x50754
Roger Lee Web Designer x49061
Tim Ma Web Design Specialist x60512
John McQuilling Sr. Programmer/Analyst x46238
Rajan Moorjaney Sr. Programmer/Analyst x46799
Sunil Ramineni Sr. Programmer/Analyst x46224
Larry Robinson Sr. Programmer/Analyst x46236
Wayne Tam Sr. Programmer/Analyst x65815
Nick Todd Sr. Programmer/Analyst x46229
Lynn Wallingford Sr. Programmer/Analyst x46240
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